December 3, 2023

About Us

Welcome to Heroes of the Homeland, where we strive to bring you unique, culturally- inspired superhero designs that celebrate the diversity of our world.

Our platoon is made up of artists, pens, and fibbers who are passionate about creating characters that represent different societies, backgrounds, and individualities. We believe that everyone deserves to see themselves represented in the world of superheroes, and we are devoted to making that a reality.

Our designs are available on Opensea, the leading NFT deals platform, where you can buy and enjoy a piece of our virtual world. Each of our characters comes with their own backstory and personality, making them further than just a digital collectible, but a true representation of their culture.

In addition to our NFTs, we also offer a range of wares featuring our characters, including t- shirts, mugs, and more.

We hope you enjoy exploring our world and discovering the numerous icons that call it home. Thank you for supporting us and our charge to bring further representation and inclusivity to the world of superheroes.

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